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Hacking Live: check out how Pcysys PenTera automates offensive security and penetration testing


The cyber threat-scape, forces security executives to spend mounds of budgets on cyber Defense software without the means to validate their effectiveness. To date, executives often struggle to have a current and full picture of their cyber security risk, due to lack of talent and resources of the current risk assessment practices.


Watch a hacking session with PenTera™, the world’s first fully automated, penetration testing platform. Learn how to Automate your Cyber Defense Validation and find out how continuous offensive security testing, increases your organization’s cyber resilience.


Gain insight into:

  • Continuous Validation of your Cyber Defense

  • Focused remediation efforts on Breachable Vulnerabilities

  • Understanding how your level of risk can help you prioritize remediations that will improve your security posture.

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Akos Bodis

Yellow Cube, Product Manager

Hacking Live_24March21 1 (1)

Noam Segev

Pcysys, Regional Sales Director

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