[Exclusive Webinar] Wednesday, April 7 | 12pm EST

A Hacker's Perspective: Assume I'm In - What Can I Do Now?


Your network through the eyes of today's adversaries

The importance of applying the attacker's perspective to network security testing and validation is becoming clearer and clearer to security professionals. It's not enough to blindly test for static vulnerabilities or even simulate attacks. In order to stay ahead, we need the attacker's mindset on our side.

In this exclusive webinar, a Red Team Expert discusses his approach to infiltrating the enterprise IT network. 

We will take a closer look at: 

  • How today's attackers approach the IT network 
  • Common exploitable vulnerabilities found in the enterprise 
  • Latest hacking techniques executed today


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Nelson Santos

Red Teamer Lifer

Splunk, Blackstone, Rapid7, Akamai, Pcysys

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